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Forget RSI, MACD, Moving Averages, Stochastics

Forget the complexities of Technical Analysis for Trading

Now, learn and trade Intraday the easy, transparent and genuine way. The best is to become your own Master instead of running from one strategy to another, from one 'Learn Trading' class to the next.

Understand the simple TIME Intraday Magic Indicator on the TradingView platform

For Nifty and Bank Nifty Indices

And be your own Trading Guru.

About TIME Intraday Magic Indicator

TIME Intraday Magic Indicator strives to make YOU the Trading Expert, like the ones you see on TV channels or Youtube giving their views on Nifty, BankNifty and predicting the Support, Resistance levels.

The  purpose of TIME-IMI Indicator is that apart from providing you the important trend information for the day, it helps you make your own successful Trading Strategy using the built-in indications in a very easy manner. Practice it and you can be an independent intraday trader.

TIME Intraday Magic Indicator (TIME-IMI)

  1. Expert Analysis - Day's expected Bias, Range and Price Action

  2. Morning Update on market opening

  3. Demand-Supply and expected Reversal points

  4. Candle by candle analyzing and guiding textual help

  5. Extra confirmation (using built-in Momentum, Vwap and Buyers-Sellers Bias)

  6. User-definable Target levels for profit booking

  7. Live World Indices movement

  8. Live Options Trading data including India VIX and ranges

  9. Live Nifty and BankNifty Trends on single chart

  10. Make your Intraday Trading strategy using Demand-Supply and Reversal zones
    and auto generated Stop Loss and Trailing Stop Loss levels


TIME Intraday Magic is an intelligent indicator which understands the stock markets and uses powerful inbuilt features to help you define the day's trading strategy based on technical analysis of the indices, day after day. Use TIME to understand the Intraday market action, practice, gain confidence and it will take away the confusion and fear a person experiences while doing intraday.

Successful Traders stick to one or two indicators and strategies only and are not always trying to predict the markets or levels, they Follow it most of the time. TIME works hard to provide you both - predictive and reactive trend following. 

         Now TIME Intraday Magic Indicator gives you automatic Trendlines too, another great feature.

All this on your fingertips using the TIME Indicator. It simplifies the world of Intraday Trading for you.

 About Intraday Trading

Intraday Trading as a career or a part-time hobby looks attractive and lucrative with all the ease of operation, online trading facilities etc but  it is not any lesser or easier work than a regular job.

Benefits - include you being your own boss, flexible work hours as per your suitability (though the Indian markets open at a fixed time and for a fixed duration, you can still set your own trade timings and days) and the flexibility to work from anywhere.

Drawbacks - like any other business, it is a demanding line which needs your full focus and has inherent capital risks involved too.

Education -  The best resources for learning normal technical analysis are all available for free on Youtube etc. A good advice is to keep it simple and short because you do not really need anything long and complicated. That will only make your journey difficult. Exception is trading in Options, which requires proper knowledge and practice (refer widely available online resources).

Beware of scams - If you intend to join some Trading class etc, choose wisely. Do not fall for scams such as Super Profits videos (this involves taking two trades, one long and one short at the same time on 2 different trading accounts and at the end of the day, showing the one which made the profits - the cost being just the brokerage incurred on both the trades), Jackpot strategies scam (using fancy names for normal technical analysis), fake social media chats or testimonials etc. There are many genuine Experts too, especially the ones who do not show daily fancy profit screenshots or use fancy names for regular technical analysis basics.

Skills Required - a.Knowledge of basic technical charts, proper understanding of one or two good technical indicators and strategies.

b. Trading Discipline which includes practicing E3R (Emotionless entry, exit and ride) - exiting losing trades at stop loss and riding the profit giving trades long with profit booking in lots and using trailing stop loss.

c. Money Management - which in simple terms means trading small so that one loss trade does not impact your total capital.

Practice - Success in Intraday Trading is more about trader's ability to master the skills required (above). And this he can only master through practice. Practice and patience are the most important aspects of making a mark in intraday trading.

TIME provides you the Best intraday indicator for Nifty and BankNifty to help you make your intraday strategy. Trading discipline and Money management, you can master through daily practice and demo trading using TIME for at least two months.








Trading Intraday Made Easy (TIME) Indicator in Action


TIME's Morning Update at 9.15 am 

Everyday at 9.15 market opening, TIME Intraday Magic Indicator automatically prepares the Technical Analysis strategy for Nifty and BankNifty - Bias, Momentum, Support, Resistance levels and expected Price Action for the day. In the morning, apart from other things, it also provides its own Opening Range right at the start, for those who play the opening range breakouts. Thereafter it tracks Demand-Supply, Reversal zones, Momentum, Vwap etc over the day giving a nice view for your strategy.


TIME Magic Indicator Video   English    Hindi

Accessing TIME Indicator in TradingView

After subscribing, to access the Trading Intraday Made Easy indicator, open, click on 'Indicators' at the top of a live Nifty/Bank Nifty chart, then click on Invite-Only Scripts. There you will see the TIME Indicators Rel-1A, 1B, 1C. Select all three one by one to activate the full Indicator. 


Frequently asked questions

Is Intraday complicated ? What is the secret for Intraday success ?

Profitable Intraday trading requires mainly two things - 1. Proper understanding of one or two good intraday indicators and strategies. 2. Trade discipline to stick to those indicator/strategies long term and follow E3R (emotionless entry, exit and ride). Successful traders are those who exit from failing trades at small stop loss and ride the next big profitable trade long for overall profit. They understand small losses are a part of trading, all days are not profitable days and are able to handle these without emotional strain. TIME provides you the indicator to help you make your successful intraday strategy. And trade discipline, you can master through practice and demo trading using TIME for at least two months. No overtrading (trade small especially in the beginning) is also very important for success. Follow the above tips and in some months, they will make you a confident trader taking away much of the confusion and fear a trader or a would be trader normally experiences on a day to day basis. Success, in all fields, requires hard work and persistence.

How do I use the Indicator ?

TIME Intraday Magic Indicator is very easy to use and self explanatory. It works on the live running market. When you subscribe, we send you video link containing instructions to setup and also explaining the features of the indicator. The user should backtest the indicator over different timeframes, understand how the market behaves under different conditions. You will need a free account on TradingView website. It will not work on broker charts like upstox, zerodha etc.

Does the Indicator work with a free TradingView Account ?

You can use the TIME Indicator with a free TradingView account (widely used charting website). However, a TradingView Pro account gives advertisement free experience, more layouts per chart etc. To open a new free TradingView Account or for more features, to upgrade your current Account, click here

Does the Indicator work on all timeframes ?

TIME Indicators are for Intraday purposes. It is best if you have 2 charts open together like (10m and 15m) or (10m and 30m) or (15m and 30m). TradingView free account allows only one chart per browser tab. In that case, you can open two browser tabs for the two time frames and fit the two tabs to show on screen together. Alternatively, download Vivaldi browser and search Tab Tiling in Vivaldi in Google. The Tab Tiling feature allows you to open 2 windows on one screen easily. We recommend going for TradingView Pro account which allows you to open multiple tabs and also provides 10min time frame chart, which is more appropriate and recommended for TIME Magic indicator.

When do I get access to the indicator and what is the plan period ?

Your access to the indicator is activated within 24 hours of subscribing. Indicator access period includes all calender days including Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. The monthly plan will expire on the same date (of the next month) as the plan activation date. For example, if the monthly plan is activated on say 21st Feb 2021 evening, it will expire on 21st March, 2021 evening. Please note TIME is available on (which is an independent charting website) for as long as TradingView allows TIME indicators to be shared or as long as continues to exist, which for all practical purposes, seems to be indefinitely.

Does the indicator come with any support ?

Yes! You can email us at or send a chat on our Telegram and we will assist you with respect to your queries regarding the use of the indicator.

Refund/Cancellation Policy

Subscription plan once started is non-refundable and non-transferable for the current cycle validity period. You can cancel next cycle anytime before it starts. Management has the right to cancel the user's subscription anytime without prior notice if the user is found sharing the indicator with others or if found using it for any commercial purpose or any other reason found inappropriate use of the indicator. The indicator is for personal use and for education purpose.


Please note subscribing gives the user access to TIME, a technical chart indicator on the TradingView website, which provides standard day-to-day Technical analysis for Nifty and BankNifty indices. TIME Indicator Demand, Supply, Expected Reversal signals and pointers are Nifty, BankNifty Trend or Trend change indicative signals only and not Buy, Sell signals. The profit, loss, targets indications used in the charts, videos on this website are not actual but indicative only as TIME works on Nifty, BankNifty trends and profit, loss have been shown based on TIME's indications and the subsequent Indices movement. Target levels can be set by the User himself in the indicator settings. All signals, pointers, indications given by TIME Indicator and all its features are for use by traders or trading learners to help them learn, understand, practise and make their own intraday trading strategy. That is the sole purpose of TIME. Use of no indicator/trading strategy can provide successful trades all the time and their success is a matter of probability. It is only trader’s skill and discipline to manage trades (trade small, exit from losing trades and ride the profitable trades long) that is the key to successful trading. TIME is for educational and demo practice purposes only. It is NOT a general or personalized service of any financial / investment / research / tips / calls / recommendations kind whatsoever. Please read the full Disclaimer before subscription and use.

What are the different versions of the Indicator ?

TIME Intraday Magic Indicator comes in two versions - TIME STD - includes all the features except World Indices movement, Options Data and self definable Target levels. TIME PRO - has all the features available in the indicator.


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